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New Salusfin iOS & Android mobile clients are published.

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Salusfin EU-project to next level

General meeting of housing association Helsingin Haapaniemenkatu 12 made a decision to participate in mySMARTLife-project.

Salusfin will install heating controls in 170 apartments. With the solution heating can be adjusted based on individual needs on room level.

As part of the project, Helen Oy and Salusfin will pilot demand-response on district heated house.

Objective is to install the solution in 12 district heated houses during the project.

Helsinki’s pioneer in intelligent energy solutions-Salusfin’s solution included in the project

Cities globally produce 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Helsinki is taking great steps with its people and businesses to make the city carbon neutral.

This goal is supported by the mySMARTLife project, which includes an experiment with autonomous electric bus and encourages and provides advice to housing associations in Merihaka to become more energy efficient.

The project is implemented by City of Helsinki, Helen Oy, Forum Virium Helsinki Oy, Metropolia Polytechnic, VTT Technical Research Center and Fourdeg Oy and Salusfin Oy. The European Commission has granted a € 18 million funding for a joint project in 2017-2022. The budget for the Helsinki measures is € 5.6 million. The project also includes the cities of Hamburg and Nantes.

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Setting New Business Trends with E.On

Salusfin proudly presents the agreement with E.ON. The Agreement covers licencing, localization service, development and services. Agreement between the parties was signed in September 2016 and parties agreed to publish the co-operation in March 2017.

The service is currently being piloted in Romania.

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Year 2016

The energy solution is expanded with the „Demand Response“ concept. The Energy Companies can regulate the use of energy in the consumer’s environment within the framework of the agreement without sacrificing the standard of living.

Andon Quality System Implementation for the Automation Platform.

In December 2016, EU project mySMARTLife began with the Lighthouses in Hamburg, Nantes and Helsinki. The project has a total of 27 parties. Salusfin’s share of the project involves the demand management of heat and personal smart electric car charging system. The temperature management by our demand response solution will be installed in 12 apartment buildings in Helsinki.