Salusfin Team

Henrik Jakobsson

Chief Executive Officer

Henrik Jakobsson is the CEO and Chairman of the board. Henrik is one of the founders and has been fully dedicated to the company from the very beginning.

Henrik has a significant technical background and nearly 20 years of experience in the ICT. He has thorough experience in IoT and Energy Management, and particularly strong skills in IT Management, Sourcing and Vendor Management. 

Radovan Janoso

Chief Technology Officer

Radovan Janoso is the CTO and one of the founders of Salusfin. Radovan is a great technical expert particularly in AI, AR, and Radio Technologies.

Radovan has been strongly involved in the development of Salusfin services, leading several customer projects. He has taken part in the technical landscape planning and has built numerous prototypes. Prior to Salusfin, Radovan had worked as an Architect and Lead Developer at Nokia. 

Antti Turunen

Salusfin Germany

Antti Turunen works for Salusfin Germany. Antti has extended experience in the IT field as Engineer, Manager and Consultant. He has a variety of skills within Project and Development Management, Asset Management, Product Management, Change Management, Concept and Process Development, Agile Development, Customer Care and after sales processes, Warranty Management.

Smitha Kamath

Salusfin Developer

Smitha is an experienced Web Application Developer with a history of working in the information technology and services industry. Smitha is skilled in javaScript, ES6, Webpack, python, aws. Smitha works as Developer at Salusfin. Her areas of expertise include RnD and Web Development.

Additionally, an extended team nearshore for Business Consultancy, Service Design, Project Management, Development (iOS/Android), IoT, Cloud Technologies and testing.